Wednesday 27 February, 2019
STOKE team manager Adam Isherwood has confirmed that new Potters number one Tom Perry will be captain for the 2019 campaign.

Isherwood said “Tom Perry is the obvious choice he’s been working on the team with Dave (Tattum) Caroline (Parsons) and I for the past few months and he’s had a big input into the side and I feel that Tom will relish the challenge, he’s a level-headed lad knows what speedway is about and is a good and solid team man. Despite his experience he’s still a young man and led Birmingham to back to back title victories a few years ago and has been riding bikes from a very young age. He’s a race winner and a race winner as well as an entertainer back in the day here at Loomer Road when we had the likes of Lee Complin and Ben Barker scraping the fence getting race wins there was nothing better to watch and Tom (Perry) is of that ilk so everything should be good on the entertainment side of racing also.”

Isherwood also confirmed that the returning Luke Priest will take up the role as vice- captain of the Potters with the Potters boss saying “Luke (Priest) is Mr. Stoke Speedway, he’s coming back after a season out of the sport and is now fully fit, he knows his way around this place and there is no better rider to have in your team and he is another team man. He’s been back on a bike and there have been no ill effects and is slowly getting back up to speed taking things steady and doing nothing silly and a fully fit Luke Priest will be a rider who can pile on the points for us this season as he’s proven many times in the past.”

The Potters team manager also confirmed that the club will hold press and practice day on Wednesday April 10th with details on the start time to be released in due course.