Thursday 26 September, 2019
DAVE Tattum is asking all former Potters riders to contact the club if they would like to attend the Potters end of season / era event which will take place in November.

The Potters promoter commented “We are currently looking at a venue to hold our end of season / end of era event and will confirm the date and venue very soon.
I would though like to hear from all of our former riders should they wish to attend. There are loads of former Potters riders and it is impossible to contact them all and due to having a new phone after breaking my old one I’ve lost quite a few numbers so would ask them to contact me via the email address -email- or by calling me on 07789028003.

“We have had some brilliant riders over the years and it would be great to see some of them come home and have a great knees up and send the club out in style. We had a great turn out for our last meeting at Loomer Road and it would be good to see plenty more turning up on the evening and once we now the numbers we can then announce a date and the venue.”