Saturday 19 October, 2019
STOKE duo Connor Coles and Joe Lawlor rider in the National; League Riders Championship at Scunthorpe’s Eddie Wright Raceway on Sunday afternoon, 5pm.

The Potters pairing will come up against 14 other riders who will ride over 20-heats to decide who will become the 2019 Champion.

Leicester’s Ellis Perks is expected to be challenging for top spot along with Mildenhall’s Ryan Kinsley who rides for Scunthorpe in the Championship while double title winner Ben Morley will no doubt want to retain his crown and Drew Kemp and Anders Rowe also expected to be challenging for top spot.

Connor Coles commented “I will be going there to give it my best shot. There are a lot of good riders there who have done this before but it is my first riders’ championship and I’m looking to get amongst the points and see what happens.”

Line-up: Ryan Kinsley (Mildenhall), Kyle Bickley (Belle Vue), Jordan Palin (Belle Vue), Ben Morley (Isle of Wight), Ellis Perks (Leicester), Joe Thompson (Leicester), Dan Thompson (Leicester), Joe Lawlor (Stoke), Jason Edwards (Mildenhall), Danno Verge (Isle of Wight), Drew Kemp (Kent), Leon Flint (Belle Vue), Tom Young (Plymouth), Anders Rowe (Kent), Connor Coles (Stoke), Jack Smith (Cradley).