Wednesday 08 December, 2021
NEWCASTLE Diamonds have confirmed that a Stoke Potters Select team will take to the track for one night only.

The Diamonds will host the Potters select at their opening meeting on Sunday April 3rd 2022 with a 4pm start with a celebration of the life of the late Dave Tattum.

The Dave Tattum Memorial Meeting will see the return of the Potters who closed at the end of the 2019 season after Dave had promoted the Potters for a considerable amount of time.

The meeting which promises to be an emotional meeting filled with excitement will see the Potters managed by Dave’s son Lloyd and former Stoke rider and team manager Nigel Crabtree who also rode for the Diamonds early in his career.

Newcastle club owner Rob Grant commented “Dave was instrumental in the Diamonds overcoming tremendous hurdles last season as his role as Diamonds promoter and he fought for the club whilst fighting for his health right to the very end, and without Dave’s assistance last season Newcastle may well have finished the season very differently and he stopped the club from closing.

“The Potters side will be made up of riders that have worn the red and white Potters jackets and who are still racing today in the Championship with the odd exception.”

In a twist, Newcastle owner and promoter Rob Grant, who had several years racing at Loomer Road, will make one last appearance on a speedway bike as the Stoke number seven for the night, in honour of his former promoter and friend.

Grant added “This is something I want to do for Dave, and it will be the last time I put a leg over a bike. Practice and training will start in January in order to make me fit enough to carry out the laps needed to fulfil my programme rides as I intend to go out and help put on a good show.”