Thursday 10 October, 2019
STOKE Potters promoter Dave Tattum attended the Signal 1 and 2 local Heroes Awards on Wednesday night at Crewe Hall and was moved to tears has his name was called out as the winner of The Sporting Hero Award.

The award sponsored by Signal 2 was for going above and beyond entertainment for Stoke Speedway for many years and he deserves all the credit for the legacy he has left in the area.

Tattum commented “I have been invited for many years to the event and haven’t always attended, but this year I was urged by a few people to attend.

“There were people from around the area who were there for bravery in the community and to families they’ve helped, carers and even the police dog that was shot in the course of duty was there with his handler. It was a truly amazing night.

“Then I heard them call George Andrews up onto the stage and didn’t think anything of it, and then my name was called out I was totally in shock and couldn’t believe it and I was so emotional as was George.

“I’m very humbled at winning this award I truly am, I went not expecting anything at all and was in shock when my name and Stoke Speedway was called out, things like this don’t happen to me, I really didn’t and couldn’t imagine anything like this happening to me or the club.

“I cannot thank Signal 1 and 2 for an amazing night and for their continued support to Stoke Speedway and the people that organised this event. Crewe Hall is a fabulous place to hold the event and everything was superb, and I’d also like to thank everyone that makes these awards happen.

“I would also like to thank the people of Stoke-On-Trent and Newcastle Under Lyme for supporting me and Stoke Speedway over the years, I’ve loved every minute of it and really cannot thank everyone enough. It isn’t just me but a lot of volunteers behind the scenes that made it happen and I’d like to thank each one of them.”